The main objective of the Asian Academy of Laser Therapy (AALT) is to formulate and uphold educational curricula and clinical standards for the safe and effective use of lasers in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and their allied streams. Our recent curriculum and programs shift the emphasis from technical jargon to laser-tissue interactions along with a deeper understanding of photonic effects at the cellular level. Whilst the academy promotes the safe and efficacious use of Lasers on patients it does not authorize any clinician to practice outside the scope of his or her license in any state or country.


Introductory Program / Basic Course

This level encompasses an understanding of the basic laser applications and their safety considerations. It is intended to be informal and primarily didactic. There is no formal recognition of the Introductory level as there is no examination.

Certificate of Standard Competence

This course is more elaborate and is designed to introduce the new laser user or potential specialist to the sound fundamentals of Laser science, the safety concerns associated with laser utilization, the potential uses of a laser in contemporary practice with a hands on experience on one or more wavelengths.The scope of the course can be customized based on the needs of the participants and the material presented by the instructor. It could, for example, be designed for a specific device, a particular wavelength, multiple wavelengths or for specialist use only (Endodontists, Periodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Oral Medicine specialists etc). The course must be of minimum two days duration with six hours of training on each day and must contain a supervised ‘hands on’ opportunity using animal specimen or vegetable matter to simulate and develop the feel for clinical laser usage. It shall be compulsorily followed by an assessment test of 25 - 50 MCQ’s.



Certificate of Advanced Competence (Associate Fellowship Program)

Module 1 – Introduction to Lasers, Basics of Laser Physics, Contemporary Clinical Applications, LSO training (Laser Safety Officer), Photobiomodulation and Photodynamic Therapy.

Module 2 – Soft Tissue Surgery / Diode Laser Module with specialty applications including Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery and Implantology, Oral pathology and Medicine, TMD and Craniofacial Pain, Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening.

Module 3 - Hard Tissue Surgery / Erbium Laser Module with Case presentations, Clinical Simulation Oral Exam on the specific laser you are using in your practice and a 50 question multiple choice online exam administered by the Academy.

Research Fellowship (Clinical Supervisor / Adjunct Faculty status)

There are 3 parts to attain recognition from the Academy as a Research Fellow / Clinical Supervisor / Adjunct Faculty. This level is taken over a minimum of 2-3 year time period to successful completion. This level represents advanced knowledge, clinical skills and research experience with laser science. Apart from original research the candidates must also prepare five (5) clinical case studies or (5) independent program supervisions plus present a minimum of two papers/cases at a neutral Laser conference. These should be the cases with the highest degree of difficulty following the Clinical Case Study Guidelines that are provided to candidates upon application. Successful participation in all 3 parts of the advanced program is required to meet this level of education. Separate application fees and requirements apply for each part. This Advanced program exceeds the standard of care for the healthcare professional.



Mentor / Mastership status

  • 1. Post Doctoral Work (Ph.D) in Lasers /or equivalent
  • 2. Minimum of 10 years experience with multiple laser wavelengths
  • 3. Minimum of 10 research publications in Pubmed Indexed Journals
  • 4. Minimum of 10 independently organized training programs as per AALT guidelines
  • 5. Minimum of 10 Key Note addresses / Training Invitations by Neutral Non-AALT institutions

Upon meeting the above criteria and/or Ad Eundem Gradum approval, the Senate of the academy shall have the final right to induct the clinician as a Master / Mentor.